Watts Chapel, Compton, Angel


The Watts Chapel work was produced in a one year artist in residency position at King Edward’s School in Witley. The brief for the year was to follow the same projects that the students were given so that the children could see how an artist would approach these. Visits were arranged for all year groups to visit the Watts Chapel, built by Mary Watts in the late nineteenth century, and she dedicated it to “the loving memory of all who find rest near its walls, and for the comfort and help of those to whom the sorrow of separation remains”. The Watts Chapel is an extra-ordinary and beautiful building. The exterior is exquisitely detailed red terracotta, with the interior a riot of colour and texture that takes your breath away. The Watts Chapel work is of the Angels that watch down from the arched ceiling inside the chapel.

Date 1997-98
Medium Oil on Canvas
Framing Unframed
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